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Q: How do I get registered with Epic?

A: Your first step is to complete the online application.  Click the "Apply Online" tab at the top of the page to begin.  After reviewing your application, one of our branch representatives will contact you to schedule an interview if you meet our qualifications. Once you have been interviewed, and completed the pre-employment paperwork, you can be considered for any open position.


Q: I registered with Epic, but I never received a call.

A:There may be several factors why an Epic representative has not contacted you regarding positions:

Your contact information (cell, home or email) is not current in the system. You have not reported your availability each week. Your file may be inactive. You completed an application, but did not complete the registration process. Contact your local branch if you have any questions regarding your active status with Epic.


Q: How do I apply for positions on the job board?

A: Your first step is to log into your Epic file. At the top of the page is a link "employee login". Enter your username and password to get into the Epic Webcenter. Once in the Webcenter, click the icon "job board" and search the available positions with Epic. Add the job to your cart, then submit. This will add your name to the candidate list for that particular job. An Epic representative will contact you if you have the qualifications for that job.


Q: Why do I have to report availability each week?


A: When positions become open, Epic representatives run a database search in our system for candidates that meet the criteria for the position. Reporting availability lets us know that you are actively seeking employment.  If you do not call in available, your file may become inactive.


Q: Are there any fees to register or be placed into a position with Epic?

A: No - Never.


Q: Do I need a resume?

A: Yes. Many of our clients require an updated resume. You can upload a resume to your Epic file by logging into your account through the Webcenter "employee login" link. Once in your WebCenter file, click the icon "resume" to upload your DOC, PDF or WPS document.



Technical Support         


Q: When I hit "save and continue" in the application, it does not do anything.

A: This is a compatibility issue with Internet Explorer 9. At the top of the browser are icons to the right of the address bar. One of them looks like a torn piece of paper. Click that icon and Internet Explorer will run in the compatibility mode and you will be able to complete the application.


Q: I entered my social security number in the application, but it says it already exists.

A: This means you have applied with Epic sometime in the past. Call your local branch so an Epic representative can assist you with your file.


Q: I forgot my username and password.

A: Contact your Local Epic office where a representative can reset your password.


Q: I've added a job to my cart, but it won't continue.

A: You must be logged into your Epic WebCenter account to apply for positions through the job board. Click the "employee login" link on the page and enter your username and password. Once in your Epic WebCenter file, click the "job board" icon to apply for positions. This will add your name to the candidate list for that particular job. An Epic representative will contact you if you have the qualifications for that job.

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